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It's the Bulls Podcast #29 and we're talking about Zach Shutting it Down for the Season, Bulls out of Playoffs, MJ is the only GOAT, 3 Potential Trades for Kris Dunn and a Preview of Upcoming Games.
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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

Should Zach Shut Down The Season?
Bulls Officially out of the Playoffs
Lebron Passes MJ, But MJ is still the GOAT
3 Potential Trades for Kris Dunn
Preview of upcoming games

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Should Zach Shut it Down?
Zach Lavine has missed the last 2 games with a patellar tendon strain as revealed by Jim Boylen this week. There is no reason for the Bulls to rush LaVine back given their place in the standings, and they can turn toward the combination of Otto Porter, Shaq Harrison and Antonio Blakeney on the wing while LaVine is sidelined. It may help our tank out tremendously.
But should Zach consider shutting down the whole season?
For a competitive standpoint, of course. It’s well-known how much Boylen wants to win. Remember, he’s the coach who had his players doing extra wind sprints and pushups when he took over. But even the Bulls’ boisterous coach knows what’s at stake here, via K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:
“What we’re hoping for is every day he responds and gets a little better,” he said. “But it’s not the situation or the time of the year to push a guy to try and get a certain seed or home court. That’s as simply as I can put it. I think you know my personality. I want to win every game and play our ass off every game. But we’ve got to be smart too.’’
With the addition of Otto Porter Jr. and the continued growth of Markkanen, a healthy LaVine would excite fans and probably pull off a few wins. In an era where tanking is the norm and mediocrity is NBA purgatory, however, the risk for those wins is simply too high.
Zach LaVine on approach with his right patellar tendinitis: “There’s no reason to go out there and try to risk anything right now. It’s not smart.”
There really isn’t a better way to say it than that. Of course Zach LaVine wants to be on the court and performing at a high level, but this season has always been about what comes next.
Rest and recuperation is the most common sense approach for their budding star. For the Chicago Bulls, another serious LaVine injury would be too severe to endure.
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