Here’s another video test

Is the world ready for yet another one of my famous tests from my phone? I think it is. After all. I only do this about every 3 years, which would make it the 5th or 6th attempt. Here goes. Ok how did it work? Seeing it in the browser? We shall see.


12 Podcasts I Can’t Miss

As most of you know, I was at the forefront of podcasting back in 2004. The opportunities that arose from Podcasting propelled me in a completely new career trajectory. In less than a year I was not only leading the pack in terms of sponsorship and listenership, I was studying the formula for creating and producing great content actually worked. …

Holiday Shopping Ideas

40 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Business

The winter holiday season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to begin mapping out your holiday marketing plan. For the majority of small business owners, the holidays can make or break your business. Your customers are already flooded on a daily basis with promotions and deals from major retailers and internet sites. Just how can you, the hard-working small business owner …

Hello Social

This is a primary test of a new software platform I am using to move things from my personal blog over to different social platforms. Let’s see how it works. The lead-in will be secondary text, like this. it is meant to provide a background, or subtext as to what the rest of the article is like. Hilo Medical Center …

Finally, my mobile posting works!

I’ve tried to get a comfortable situation with posting from mobile. It’s been hit and miss getting media to work when posting. I think I finally have it going, but then it returned a “failed to insert media” error again. After 10 retry attempts, still a no-go.

Never Count Yourself Out

Never count yourself out. No matter how hard you get hit. No matter how hard you hit the canvas. As long as there’s still time on the clock, you can win. Here’s proof.

Grilling Outside

Grilling season has begun!

We had an amazing dinner at home to celebrate our anniversary and Barbara’s birthday. Here are a few photos that we have to remember how great the grill session was.