Marcus Couch

Business and Professional Coaching

I am available for call-based or location based coaching, either 1-on-1 or in a group environment.

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

I have developed hundreds of successful WordPress Websites over the last decade. My involvement in the WordPress community has led me to become one of the top authorities on plugins and what they can do to achieve results. Rather than focusing on technical hurdles, I find solutions to common business problems and develop a technological strategy to create solutions.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Strategy

I offer full service consulting and coaching for just about every aspect of Digital Marketing. From site and landing page development to e-commerce optimization and paid social ads. If your business doesn't have a Digital Marketing strategy, you will struggle to stay in business. After consultation, businesses I work with typically double their online presence within just a year.

Membership & E-Learning

Membership and E-Learning

One of the most prominent sectors that I have expertise in is the creation and promotion of Membership Based E-Learning websites. Whether you have already started your Membership website or are still in the conceptual stage, I'm available to help consult and coach you throughout the process.

Agency Business Development & Coaching

Agency Business Development

I've run successful Digital Marketing Agencies for over a decade. Startup agencies often overlook the fundamentals of operating a profitable business within the digital marketing industry. It's easy to list a bunch of services and hope that clients sign up, but what are you doing to streamline processes, communicate with the client effectively and keep operating on a continual recurring basis? I've learned all of these things from personal experience and developed systems to obtain new agency clients, onboard clients to your procedures and maintain a healthy and productive relationship that can last years. If you are planning on starting your own Digital Marketing, Social Media or other kind of service agency, be sure you consult with me first! I've successfully coached over 25 different agencies.

Affiliate Consulting

Affiliate Marketing

For nearly 20 years I've had great success at both running and participating in Affiliate Marketing projects. I not only talk about affiliate marketing, but run one of the largest affiliate and digital marketing groups in LinkedIn with over 20,000 members. Let me show you how affiliate marketing can take your ecommerce product to the next level of success.